Monday, May 16, 2016


    I've ran into a lot of people over the years that profess great spirituality and but there actions and attitudes seem to say something entirely different. They verbalize great love for nature and the earth, animals and the great spirit but when you speak to them, you are met by a cold chill as they seem to scrutinize every ounce of your entire being and answer you with quick, short sentences. True spirituality is more than eloquent words or a beautiful discourse on social media; it is something that should be lived and noticed in our everyday lives. By this living our spirituality, I do not mean that we should be preachers or constantly spewing our messages from a soapbox. But our gentleness, our love for others and our willingness to help should be apparent. And these attributes should not be shown to only those in our small, personal circle of family and friends. But they should be extended to the stranger on the street and the unfamiliar face who is in need. None of us are perfect, and modern-day saints are a bit hard to come by; but we can all make, at least a small difference, by making our spirituality a way of life and not just a billboard that gets us likes on Facebook or pats on the back for sounding impressive. Spirituality, or walking with spirit, is to bring its characteristics into this world and show humanity a higher way. If we are not doing that, from the very bottom of our heart and soul, then it is just a tagline that means very little in the bigger picture of our lives.

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