Tuesday, May 17, 2016


    The sad thing that I have been noticing lately, is the plethora of hateful messages being preached by some religious sects. Churches proudly displaying signs outside of their building condemning certain groups of people and saying that the government should deny them rights. Street preachers carrying signs and proclaiming that their particular race is the only one whom God favors, and those with a different skin tone are outcasts and Edomites. These individuals spew racist messages, confidently condemning others to hell with a smile on their faces while they believe that they are just fine with God. I often wonder what kind of mindset it is the can speak so hatefully against another and point out the sins of humanity while failing to see the blatant darkness in their own souls? How can one group fight so hard for their rights and cry persecution at every turn, while vehemently denying the rights of someone else? Do these people honestly believe they're doing God a service? If anything, they are helping to precipitate the decline of spirituality in the modern world. After all, what rational individual would want to jump on the bandwagon of such a warped mentality? I have always believed that one day in our future, there will be a final judgment upon the earth. But I've never felt that this judgment will fall upon the common man or woman who made mistakes in life, yet did the best they could with what they had in this world. But I believe that that judgment will be for the greedy, power-hungry warmongers who have no regard for life whatsoever. And also the hateful, the deeply prejudiced and those who sowed the seeds of a malevolent religion in this world; hence, turning many away from God with their faulty and twisted theology . The good news is, we all have the capacity to change and turn our lives around. The original definition of the word sin is to be heading in the wrong direction. To repent, simply means to turn around and go the other way. There are a whole lot of religious folks that need to do some serious repentance in their own lives, I only hope that they will do so before time runs out.

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