Monday, May 9, 2016


    The worst thing that any of us can do, is to criticize or make fun of another person's physical appearance. It seems almost acceptable today to talk about someone being ugly, too fat, too skinny, poorly dressed or not in fashion, and a host of other critical assessments. It is completely mind blowing to see individuals who claim to be spiritual or on the path of enlightenment, yet when they see someone in public whom they disapprove of physically, they begin to utter about how horrible the person looks, how they must not take care of themselves or how lousy their diet must be. I suppose these enlightened minds never take into consideration that the person they're speaking so disparagingly of may have a medical condition or just subject to the fate of genetics. No one has control over the physical body that they are born with. No one can snap their fingers and change the way they look. And what about the obese people who may not be able to exercise due to physical injury or some other issue. The trend of butchering other people's appearances with our words is one that must be stopped immediately. To do such a thing, does not show that we are better or above someone else. It doesn't matter what kind of great shape we are in physically, or how proud of ourselves we are for eating organic foods and doing yoga seven days a week. It doesn't matter how handsome or beautiful our face is, or how pious we look to others by having Zen Buddhist artwork or angels displayed all through our homes. If we are looking down upon another human being because of the way they look, then we are the most wretched of human beings. But the sad fact is, we are seeing this kind of attitude growing globally. We are so perseverated on the way people look and even the color of their skin, that we are increasingly becoming a world more divided than ever. Each of us must take a hard-core moral inventory and truly look at the way in which we think and speak of other people. In my opinion, it is the most horrible thing that another human being can do to another to attack or dehumanize them for the way they look. If this is what the new age of technological advancement and science has brought us, then we are in serious trouble. Maybe some of the more religious folks are correct, and this is what a society without God looks like.

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