Thursday, May 5, 2016


    Many people have heard about Crystal healing, they're interested in it but do not engage in the practice because they say it seems overly complicated. They complain that there are just too many crystals to memorize the metaphysical properties of. But Crystal healing does not need to be difficult or overly intricate. One can certainly buy a book that contains all of the many crystals and their uses, and pick one up for a specific reason when needed. But one of the most simple ways of Crystal healing that I have used over the years with great effectiveness is to use just plain old clear quartz. Quartz has been called the universal Crystal and the magician's stone because it's uses are unlimited and so versatile. If you are going to engage in healing or any other practice that involves crystals, you can use clear quartz in the place of any other stone.

    The healing system that I use most frequently with crystals is to have two pieces of quartz... I always make sure that these two pieces are different in shape or size; they do not have to be expensive pieces either, the most inexpensive crystals at your local shop will suffice just fine. But you want the crystals to differ in some ways because one will be designated as the crystal that pulls stagnant or negative energies out of the body; the other, will be used to draw universal healing energies into the body at the end of the session. Here's how it works: simply place the quartz crystal designated for pulling energy out, unto the chakra or chakras closest to the part of your body that needs healing. Close your eyes, and imagine the crystal extracting all of the stagnant energies and removing blockages. And don't forget to do this for both the back and front of the chakra. If you cannot put the crystal on your back because of limited flexibility, just lie down and put the crystal next to your body, aligned as close as possible to the desired chakra.

    After you have pulled out all of the stagnant and negative energies, take the other crystal that is designated for pulling in life force energy, place it on the chakra that you desire to heal and balance and visualize the crystal pulling in life force energy to balance and heal the chakra. Again, make sure you do this for both front and back. You can also place the crystals on the part of the body that is ailing you and pull all negative energies out of a particular nerve, organ or muscle etc. and then give that part of the body a healthy dose of universal life force energy. But always make sure that you clear and balance the chakra or chakras near that part of the body first. To clear and balance the aura, simply cup your hands in front of you and hold the piece of quartz crystal that you have designated to draw in life force energy. Imagine life force energy coming down into the Crystal and then circulating and swirl it all through the aura; this is a simple and effective way to cleanse the energy bodies and heal the physical organism with Crystal healing.


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