Monday, June 5, 2017


    In my time of spiritual reflection and prayer this morning, I found myself uttering these words as I contemplated the terror attacks that are going on in the UK right now. It was almost as if someone were speaking the words through me. Afterwards, I realized, it's easy to feel hatred and anger. But then I asked myself the question, do those emotions truly lead us to the path of victory? If we kill a man who kills someone else, friends of that man will retaliate and try to kill us. Of course we have to defend ourselves, sometimes there's no other choice. But perhaps guns and bombs are not our ultimate solution. Maybe we should all contemplate the words of the prayer below, and then say it ourselves, from our hearts. After all, if those who hate and kill actually had an encounter with divine love; it would revolutionize their lives. There's no way that it couldn't. Contemplate, pray and pass these words along.

    O' that those who interpret their religion as violence and fear, would encounter the love and peace of God. For when one experiences the love of God for one minute, one hour, one day... he will crave it for the rest of his life and seek its light daily. Only then will the hateful disregard the treacherous teachings of men, and followed the true guidance God speaks in the depths of their hearts. This guidance cannot be found in any book, or in the words of finite man; but can only be found when a soul turns to God and opens to him like a flower to the sun. May the God of love reveal himself to all those who tread the path of a dark and fearful philosophy... and may they know the unexplainable joy that comes by walking in his radiant light.



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