Tuesday, June 6, 2017


    Nature is a reflection of the Divine: It's peaceful Meadows, majestic trees and rolling landscapes depict the tranquility of Spirit; while it's nourishing rains, autumn harvests and fruits of the land show us the giving, plentiful nature of the Universe.

    But man plows under the landscapes, and builds numerous towers that crowd upon one another. The swaying grass of the open meadows are replaced with highways and sidewalks. In the name of progress, we turn the beauty of our world into cluttered mazes that can sometimes inspire anxiety by there very sight. And inside those clusters of buildings that clutter the land are individuals with cluttered minds. Minds that worry all day long about money, medical issues, how to make the biggest profit on the little guy, and how to get ahead in the rat race of a life constructed by men whose minds are void of spirits inspiration. Is it any wonder there's so much depression, disease and other issues in our world today. Most of us are living in environments that are not natural for humans to exist in. Nature is becoming extinct, and God is reduced to a fairytale.

    What kind of environment do you want to live in? Are you happy in the concrete jungles or do you wish to live near the mountains, trees and running brooks? And perhaps even more importantly, what does your inner landscape look like? Does it reflect the clutter and anxiety of the world around you, or is it peaceful, gentle and serene like an evening breeze whispering through the summer leaves? A person can live right in the middle of chaos, yet have great peace within if he or she chooses to pursue it. Remember, nature is a reflection of the Divine... And that nature can be reflected in you, if you take the time to meditate upon it and welcome it into your being.


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