Wednesday, May 31, 2017


    There are many ways to obtain and grow our own personal, inner peace. But the one that most people fail to do, is to put forth a little effort to gain knowledge about the spiritual truths of our universe. As in everything else in life, a little education can go a long way. It's a wonderful thing to have faith and believe, but it strengthens our faith when we know why we believe. It is empowering and puts our feet on more solid spiritual ground, when we have and can give educated, logical, historical and even scientific reasons for our belief. For instance, did you know that there are many scientific and medical institutes that have done further studies on the near-death experience? Did you know that many of their findings seem to support our consciousness surviving the experience of physical death? These findings go far beyond the patent, scientific explanation of the near-death experience being nothing more than the hallucinations of a dying brain. Life after death, the hereafter, it's a common belief in most religions. Having a little science behind your faith makes it come more alive in your everyday life... It becomes something that is a reality, not just a blind hope or something that our ancestors passed onto us.

    There are many areas of study and interest around the subject of spirituality. There are just as many scientists, historians, philosophers, theologians, quantum physicists and intelligent minds that present some pretty hard-hitting evidences for God and a spiritual universe as there are atheists. But most people are unaware of this, and this is why the atheists jeer and sneer when they ask a believer an intelligent or scientific question and cannot get an intelligent answer; because many are unaware of the actual facts and do not know why they believe what they believe. Many people who have a spiritual belief system in their lives think that science and religion do not mix. That is a colossal mistake. Because science can sometimes peel back the veil, even if it is but a little bit, and give us a glimpse of the mysterious wonder that is our universe. And having these glimpses means so much more than having an educated answer for your beliefs; those glimpses, that self education and knowledge can bring a piece into your life that you probably never knew existed.

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