Tuesday, May 30, 2017


    Do you have inner peace? Is all right in your world? Do you feel at peace with yourself, nature, the universe and the state of the world? Many people will say that they have inner peace, but when circumstances get challenging, tragedy strikes or something disrupts the routine of their lives... their reactions can be far less than poised, centered or peaceful. Naturally, there are times in life when we all get upset. But we might ask ourselves, how easy is it for our inner peace to be completely disrupted and blown off course?

    We must understand, many people mistake the ease of life as inner peace. As long as everything is fine in their lives, and they feel happy and content, they say that they have peace of mind. But when problems or challenges pop up, they are suddenly in mental and emotional ruin. Why is this? It is because many individuals view peace as a transient state of being. As long as the weather is fine, everything at work is fine and the everyday routine turns like a well oiled machine, they're fine. But when one area of life gets out of alignment, the whole system crashes and they become overly stressed out and anxious. For some, it can be a great day today, and total depression and catastrophe tomorrow. Their emotional state is dependent on how situations play out or maintain in their lives. And like waves on the ocean, that can change day to day and even moment by moment.

    The trick to overcoming this cycle of ups and downs, is discovering what it is that truly brings you peace. What gives you strength, what rises you above the noise and clatter of this life and its problems? What is it that gives you the faith and the courage to start again when everything around you collapses? What is it that gives you hope and the inner assurance that no matter what happens, you are going to be okay? What is it that brings you joy even when the circumstances of life around you are not so very joyful? What is it that gives you strength when you face tragedy or even loss? The states of mind and being cannot be found in a good day at the office, a big bank account or because everything at home has been running smoothly for the last six months. Nothing in this material world can give you a strong or lasting foundation of peace that will not collapse under pressure. This kind of strength and peace can only be found in a connection with the Divine... for, when everything and everyone else is gone, what else is there? The things of this world come and go, they appear and then fade. Nothing upon the earth will last forever. But our connection to Spirit, our assurance of the unseen, that will last for all eternity.

   But how do we make that connection with the unseen? How do we start to build that kind of faith that will sustain us through the most difficult of times? ... We will talk about that, tomorrow.


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