Tuesday, March 28, 2017


    Don't do anything that makes you unhappy. The world at large has a way of dictating to us how we should live. They write the script, they edited the movie and tell us the story from beginning to end. Who decides how an individual's life should be? Who has the right to fashion reality and tell you that we must live in their creation? Strangely, those organizations, institutes and persons who try to define reality for everyone else, generally define it in a very one-dimensional way. It is often void of God, has no connection to anything spiritual and sets up material objects as secular deities that must be bowed down to. Is it any wonder that depression is on the rise, when people feel that they are trapped in a prison of steel, concrete and paper. We are spiritual beings, and we cannot be fully satisfied living in the materialists microcosm. But you can break the spell, by thinking bigger, dreaming broader and having your own personal connection with God. For it is we who desire to explore the unknown horizon but it is God who gives us the wings to fly above the illusions of this world.

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