Thursday, March 23, 2017


    I have met and talked to a lot of people on my spiritual journey. And I must admit, there is one thing that stands out in my mind from those meetings. That thing being, the lack of love in the lives of many individuals who claim to be spiritual. I have spoken to and had chance run ins with folks who were: Buddhists, Christians, spiritualists, energy healers, Reiki Masters, life coaches and spiritual counselors. Some gave spiritual readings, and others led meditation groups. It was astounding to me how arrogant, unloving and callous many of these people were. Is that what spirituality has become, by and large, in our world today? Is it nothing more than a badge that we wear, a title we give ourselves or something that makes us feel self-important and elevated above others? Over the years I have given readings to many people who run or belong to spiritual healing and meditation centers. From what I understand, and have heard from these individuals; the amount of backstabbing, extramarital affairs, competition and usery that goes on within these circles is astronomical. How can we heal ourselves and others, when our spiritual groups are nothing more than club houses for the ego? I'm just one person, and I certainly don't have all the answers to the worlds problems. But perhaps the reason we are seeing so much of this in our modern-day spirituality, is because many of them say that they only believe in themselves. They say they are spiritual, but the concept of God or a higher power is almost a laughing matter to them. Or, their concept of such, is very amorphus and lacks any moral fiber that would make one ponder their own actions from a higher perspective. Could it be, that this is a major piece of the big problem at large? After all, if we worship the self, then we will only look to serve the self. And the self can be a very hard, greedy and lustful taskmaster. With no boundaries to keep it in check, it will consume everything in its path with no shame or regret.

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