Wednesday, March 29, 2017


    Is there something strange afoot on planet earth? Why are we hearing so much about computer implants in the human brain that will enable humans to tap into "the cloud?" Why are we hearing so much about human beings becoming part cyborg, gene and DNA manipulation that is theorized to make us, and I quote, "stronger, sexier, taller, smarter, longer livers and even god-like" And some of this " technology," is allegedly coming into effect within the next ten years.

   Why are we hearing so much about quantum computers that can potentially tap into other dimensions? Why are physicists talking about opening gateways to other realities and possibly bringing something, or someone through. The list goes on and on of strange and unusual things science is doing to manipulate the human body, our atmosphere, our food and even our reality. Why do many individuals in our governments participate in strange and macabre rituals, and belong to peculiar secret societies? And why do these people consider themselves to be the elite?

    Conspiracy theorists run rampant with these topics; but a little honest research will show that there are a myriad of articles and lectures from academics and scientists who speak on these very things. Crazy, tinfoil hat wearing people aside, these things are a reality in our world. Is it all just hopeful speculation, theory and over estimations from the scientific community?  Or are these the beginning signs of mankind spiraling out of control? Are these the last days? Is something sinister about to come upon the earth? Whatever it is, don't blindly follow the pied pipers of government and technology into whatever abyss they are hoping to   prepare for us all. Don't be overly hypnotized and allow yourself to fall asleep mentally and spiritually, as they wave the latest technological breakthrough in front of your face like a carrot on a stick. Stay awake, stay connected to God, and educate yourself about what's going on behind the scenes in our modern world. Your life, your very soul may depend on it one day.

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