Wednesday, March 22, 2017


    On my spiritual travels, Christ was not easily forgotten. He showed up at various times, like an old friend waiting on the street corner. He would greet me with a smile and a wave, and sometimes we would sit and visit for a while. At the end of our visit, I would always bid him peace and be on my way in search of ultimate spiritual truth and knowledge. At those times, I was not yet ready to fully embrace my estranged companion; for the bitter taste of my experiences of Christianity past still lingered on my tongue. But Christ did not berate me for this, or weigh me down with feelings of heavy guilt and threats of hell. To hear some religious people talk, one would think that the Lord would have found me appalling during those times, wanting nothing to do with me because I had abandoned the faith. But much to the contrary, he supported me, and sent me on my way with his blessing and the hope that I would find what I was searching for. And then we would speak no more, until I once again found him at some point in time, sitting by the roadside awaiting one of our visits, even if for a short span of time. Thus,we continued in this way for nearly eighteen years, until one day I met him at the end of the road; the place where my spiritual journey had ultimately ended. And it was then that I realized, that the truth and the light which I had been seeking was with me all along. He was the friend that stuck closer than a brother, the companion who never abandoned me. I know now the wisdom of my journey; it was to learn, to grow and to purify my relationship with Christ beyond that which had been dictated to me in years gone by. Far from being the angry judge that religion makes him out to be, Christ was a true friend who walked with me every step of the way on that journey, even if it was in the shadows. And in the end, he greeted me at the front gate and welcomed me home because we are more than just friends; We are something beyond even the bond of family... we have an eternal connection that will never be broken. This is the connection he wants with all of us. This is the Christ we all should know.

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