Wednesday, October 5, 2016


    Today's card is the seven of bats. The bats in the Halloween Tarot are the equivalent of the swords in a regular deck. The seven of bats calls for a packing up and moving away. This move may be figurative or literal. But the premise here is, what is it that you need to move away from and leave in the past? The time for new horizons has come, and you can no longer stay in a place or a situation that is stagnant, stressful or unchanging. You know what changes must be made in your own life, or what circumstances must be severed. If you do not listen to your own inner voice and refuse to make this move, the bats will become your enemies and pierce you with their teeth; this is much like the swords in a regular tarot deck which can represent anxiety and stress that can sometimes run us through. Of course, any piercing by anxiety or stress will be of your own doing by refusing to make the needed and healing changes in your own life. The black cat on the card represents your spirit guide who is taking this journey with you. The cat appears on all of the Halloween cards and is there to remind us of the spiritual support in our lives.

    The seven of bats can also represent a person who is selfish or dishonest. This person is certainly a taker and seldom the giver. If there is someone in your life that you're having doubts about, trust your intuition. This card is telling you that that person does not have your best interests at heart.


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