Tuesday, October 4, 2016


    It's October, Halloween month. Most people who read the blog know that this is one of my favorite times of the year. I generally like to keep the blog fairly light and in tune with the season during this time. I thought we would start out the month by doing some daily fortune-telling with the Halloween Tarot:

    Today's card is the five of ghosts. The ghosts in the Halloween Tarot are the equivalent of the cups in a traditional deck. Thus, the five of ghosts depicts brooding, or suffering emotionally or mentally over something that you have lost or perhaps trying to obtain and it keeps eluding your grasp. This card also shows dissatisfaction because one feels that something is out of place or missing in their lives. What is it that keeps you from feeling balanced and centered? Who or what is the key factor that keeps your thoughts churning or your emotions in turmoil? You are the only one who knows if this particular goal is obtainable or if it has passed you by completely. If the goal is still obtainable, the spirits tell you to have patience. What is yours will come to you, but you must have faith and not strain or struggle with the issue. If the goal has passed you by, and is no longer a viable option for you, the spirits encourage you to gather your energy and move on with your life. The ghosts in the card hover around the pumpkin man; they represent his guides and they're waiting for him to reach a conclusion and ask for their help. In the same way, your spirit guides are waiting for you to take action and ask them to show you the path that leads away from stagnation and sorrow, and into the light of a new day.

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