Thursday, October 6, 2016


    The Death card falls upon our path today. Like the seven of bats yesterday, Death calls for an ending so that a new beginning may arise. The skeleton in the card is about to water the pumpkins on the ground. This signifies a time of refreshing and renewal that is coming into your life. New opportunities will blossom and a new life is over the horizon. The flowers in the background also depict new growth in the near future. But in order for the new to sprout, the old must fade away. What is it that no longer serves you in your life? Is it a way of thinking, a way of doing things, a relationship or a career choice that you now feel stuck in? Whatever it is, release, trust and move onward. The Universe wills that you live your highest potential; the old ways are no longer the path to joyful living. Let Death sweep away all that is no longer pertinent to your life at this time so that a new beginning may commence.

    The ankh in the card also represents the cycle of life, Death and rebirth. This symbol speaks of eternity and the immorality of the soul. By using the symbol of the ankh, Death counsels us to ponder the mysteries of the hereafter and the reality of the Divine. For it is God from which we come, and it is to God that we will return. And it is God that is the ultimate strength of our lives. With the Divine Being as our companion in this life, we will be strengthened at all times, and the cycles of life, death and new beginnings will always be a blessing that brings wisdom to our souls.

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