Wednesday, September 28, 2016


    We all have need of teachers in our lives from time to time. None of us knows everything, and life is always full of lessons to learn. But the role of the true teacher is to come into our lives for a season, and then send us on our way with the new knowledge that has been obtained. A teacher may stay in our lives for mere hours, or days weeks or even years. But they are there for a purpose, not to recruit us into a cult or a new movement. A true and wise teacher will always look for that day of graduation for the pupil, he or she will never wish to keep you in class for a lifetime. How unnatural would it be for a child to start school, and for the teacher to want to keep him or her in the first grade for their entire lives? Such a thing is unheard of, and we would probably think something was seriously wrong with that teacher for suggesting such a thing. Yet, some of our modern-day religious teachers and gurus do this very thing. And sadly, it is not about imparting wisdom and life skills for them, it is about recruiting individuals for profit. The true teacher will also not turn anyone away based on financial status. Love, wisdom and compassion are free and should be available to all in the eyes of the truly enlightened. Those who charge thousands of dollars to "help" others are only there to help themselves to your money. The honest teacher will never help only those who can afford their help... You will know the true teachers by their fruits and motives. And never be afraid to ask a teacher what their motives are, the honest will gladly open their hearts to you and tell all with sincerity. Always remember, a true teacher will never try to run your life. They will never give you a set of teachings and tell you that this is the only way. And they will never desire to keep you as a student for a lifetime. They will always look for that day of graduation and send you on your way more empowered then when you first came to them. These are the marks of a true teacher.

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