Tuesday, September 27, 2016


    Yesterday, we talked about the differences between an actual relationship with the Divine and the scripted routines often handed to us by some organized religious institutions. Today, we are going to take the conversation a step further, and focus on the mental and spiritual programming some receive through religion and the clerics thereof. This is not to say that all religious institutions are bad, they are not. There are many who offer sound teachings and freedom of spiritual expression to their adherents. But sadly, in the modern day and age, there are many that are littering the religious landscape with stagnant doctrines and harmful teachings.

    The day has come, when the individual needs to reconnect with God and let the Spirit guide him/her into the ultimate truth. Some may say that they do not know how to let the Spirit guide them. An easy way to start the journey is to have the foundation of love. Any information that comes to us from any source, that is not supported by the cornerstone of love must be rejected. God is love and his/her direction will always make us feel exhilarated, warm in our hearts, at peace and filled with great love for all. God will never motivate us with hatred or fear. The Divine Spirit will never inspire us to hurt or kill another. Divine love is like a waterfall that wishes to wash over everyone it meets, no matter their religion, ethnic background or station in life. Love lives in harmony with all and wishes the best for all.

    If one wishes to read any of the holy Scriptures, they must do so with an open heart and mind. They must let the spirit inspire them by the messages on the page, and show them the richness and truth behind words. We must stop letting egotistical and damaged individuals interpret the holy books for us. Just because that person went to college or seminary does not make them a righteous or compassionate person. Too long we have put men in the place of God, and let them rule over us as if they were God on earth. Yet what is the fruits of such an endeavor? They have divided us, and caused an us against them mentality in many. They have created congregations of entranced human beings who judge others, condemn others, hate others and spew a message of division everywhere they go. Some even preach that their congregants must wage war on certain persons, and kill those whom they consider the infidels in order to be pleasing to God. Such teachings are not from God, and if there be such a place as hell, surely these messages have their origin there.

    It is a psychological crime and a pitiful shame that some clergy will forbid their adherents from celebrating certain holidays, demand that they abstain from even watching a movie or reading a book on the bestseller list. They insist that doing such things will invite the devil into a persons life, and alienate them from the grace of God . Yet these same hypocritical individuals will endorse such things as hatred and violence. We must begin to use reason and logic. We must begin to ask ourselves if we are being truly led by God, or indoctrinated with the warped ideology of wicked men. We must remember, God's ways are higher than our ways. The Divine Being will never endorse any of us hating another individual because of his nationality or spiritual beliefs. God will never endorse killing innocent people just because of the country they live in or the faith that they subscribed to. All such teachings are from evil individuals with their own agenda in mind; and we must break free from such persons and religious institutions. These individuals and their theology will not lead any of us to heaven. Nor will they bring us closer to God. They are not our saviors or agents of the divine, and we need to ignore them and even bring them to justice if they promote crimes against humanity in the name of God. Seek spiritual freedom and love. Let no man set himself up as your spiritual ruler; to do so will only invite disruption and deception into your life. Peace...


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