Thursday, September 15, 2016


    Life can be challenging, and sometimes it can knock you flat on your back. Sometimes, when we are suffering, we do it alone. Those whom we thought would be there to support us, are nowhere to be found. When you find yourself in this kind of position, do not despair. You have helpers around you who will never leave you or forsake you. These helpers are your personal angelic guides. They have been with your soul before its conception upon this earth. Speak to them when you are in trouble. Ask questions when you don't have the answers. Ask for help when no one else is there to assist you. Ask for comfort when you're feeling fearful or alone. They will reach out, they will respond. But you must be receptive to the ways in which they will answer you. They may come to you in a dream. You may hear an audible voice speaking to you from out of nowhere. It may be an inner voice, telling you something that you need to hear. They may speak to you for the words of a song, a sentence or paragraph in a book or magazine. Something you hear in a commercial or TV show may be pertinent to your situation. You may see something in nature that just brings the answer to your consciousness or comfort to your soul. It is possible that they may even appear to you with a physical visitation. The ways are endless in which they communicate with us. You just have to have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. Speak to your angels, they are listening; and they will answer.

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