Tuesday, July 12, 2016


    Most of us go through our days acting as if we will live forever. We focus on the mundane tasks of life such as our work, the chores around the house that have to be done, grocery shopping and whatever other appointments we need to keep in a week. But do we ever consider a life beyond this life? Do we ever ponder the notion that we might have to make preparations for that life? What if some of the worlds religions are right, and we reap what we sow? What if it is only love and compassion and decency towards others that allows us uninhibited entry into this world beyond our own? What if the people who have experienced a near death experience are correct, and we all view our lives at the moment of our death to see how are our actions or in actions affected the people and the world around us? What if this world is just a place where souls are born? What if we are all like the dragonfly nymph living in the water, perhaps unaware that one day we will fly above the trees? What if there is an afterlife and it is the real life? Think beyond your daily tasks today, and ponder the hereafter.

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