Monday, July 11, 2016


    This may be a bit of a controversial subject today, but I wanted to speak about the recent epidemic of racism in the United States as well as the Black lives matter movement. First and foremost, racism has no place in this world. It doesn't matter what kind of religious or even scientific or statistical spin you put on it, we are all human beings, we are all spiritual beings and there is no difference between us as a species. To judge someone by their culture or the color of their skin is perhaps the most ignorant thing any individual can ever do. What makes one person thinks that he or she is better or more superior than someone else? Do we not all have faults? It doesn't matter what country we are from, how much money we have or what color our skin is, there are things about us all that are problematic and faulty. Many people like to judge, but they don't like to look in the mirror and see the ugly truth about themselves and ignorant choices that they make. After all, how would the racist people feel if a group of academics begin to profile them and do violence against them because they were considered to be of low intelligence based on the choice of judging others by their color? Racism is a dangerous merry-go-round that can spin in any direction. And those who subscribe to its very poor philosophy will no doubt one day be the target of prejudice and hate crimes themselves. It's already beginning all across the world, yet some seem completely lost on the idea of putting this kind of low thinking behind them.

    As far as Black lives matter go, they absolutely do. This movement was wonderful at its inception, but then it began to spiral into the same kind of ignorance behavior as those they were standing up against in peaceful protest. Two wrongs do not make a right. Black lives matter just as much as anyone else's, and the African-American community has untold wisdom to share with the world. Instead of rioting in the streets, they should be rising above all the negative clamber in society today. The children of the next generation needs to be taught better, that need to be shown a higher way in life. To teach them to kill cops, or whites and tell them it's okay to live the "thug life," is a colossal mistake. We must also cleanse from their consciousness this ghetto mentality. People make a ghetto a ghetto is not a place. Every human being has the right and the ability to better themselves if they really desire to. Every human being has a right to vote or hold peaceful protest to change the face of the country if they feel they're being treated unfairly. People of all races and colors can, will and are already bonding together to make positive change where there is hatred and killing. As many people are beginning to say, all lives matter. And it's not the blacks or the whites or the whomever that need to join together and start rioting and killing others, it is the good in intelligent people of this planet that need to unite and make this world a better place for all of us. If we do not do that, then we are lost and our future will be dark. We all live on this tiny planet in a vast universe, we all share this world together. It will never be that one race will rise up to control the entire globe. And even if it does, there'll eventually be more protests and killings and wars and the cycle starts all over again, until we finally annihilate one another and the earth is barren. It is time to wake up and stop the nonsense. To continue down the path we are currently on is to march headlong into our own doom.

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