Monday, March 28, 2016


    We've heard a lot over the years about the reptilians; those nefarious lizard people that encircle our planet in their spaceships, live in underground cities and are shapeshifters who are everywhere, even in our own government. Numerous books have been written on this subject, and a Google search can yield a plethora of websites and videos about the topic. But is there any credence to this modern mythos? I have researched the topic for a number of years, and have watched more videos than I care to remember. And I can honestly say, that I have found no substantial evidence to support the frightening claims of the reptilian proponents. I've watched the videos of former United States presidents, supposedly shape shifting and sporting the dark eyes of a serpent. I have viewed the conspiracy theories that tell us that the symbol of the serpent is everywhere, and that the reptilians are ready to take over the planet. But none of it is anything more than the stretching of facts, seeing things that are not there and a healthy dose of paranoia. The individuals who see the threat of the reptilians everywhere, seem to be the same folks who look at NASA imagery of our neighboring planets and see an alien structure or an extraterrestrial in every rock formation. I'm not saying that there is not life out there, somewhere. The universe is a big and mysterious place. But the whole reptilian frenzy seems to be nothing more than a new bad guy on the scene for everyone to worry about. The problem is, this bad guy doesn't seem to exist. Sure, we have plenty of eyewitness accounts from people who say that they either saw, or were abducted by the reptilians. But that is hardly scientific proof that they're actually among us. If they live underground, in the earth, in elaborate subterranean cities; why have we not discover them? After all, there are supposedly maps and some kind of photos of their tunnels somewhere. But yet, no serious archaeologist has looked into this? Any argument can sound good at the time it is being presented. But then when we ask the hard and logical questions, we often find out that they're only decorated words that may not hold much substance. And it is my honest opinion, after much research into the subject; that is exactly what the reptilians are.


  1. I agree with you, Paul. Photoshop can do just about anything to an image. And with all of the drilling and fracking going on (to my dismay) I think the underground beings would have been spotted by now! (And Buffy Veneer is my "altar-ego". You know me as your wife's co-worker, Katherine.