Tuesday, March 29, 2016


    Think about it, we all want to be loved and appreciated; yet most of us go around treating others as if they were little more than objects decorate the landscape of our lives. We take others for granted, we don't say thank you and we don't tell others that we appreciate them for their good work or loving efforts. How can we expect others to love and appreciate us, when we seldom show them the same kindness and respect? So many people these days complain that life has become so very impersonal; yet they themselves do nothing to try and change that dynamic in their daily lives. In every effort to change something for the better, someone always has to make the first move. Someone has to take a stand and do the right thing before the wrong thing can be corrected. What would happen, if each of us did one thing today to show another person that we care for and appreciate them. What would happen if that person responded in kind? The funny thing about good feelings, is that we always want more of them once we encounter them. We've all had the experience where someone did something wonderful for us or made us feel special in some way. And then we turned around and did the same for them to show our love and appreciation in return. What would happen, if each of us lived our lives that way? One individual may not be able to change the entire world and make it a more loving place. But we can change our personal world by treating our friends, family and coworkers in a more loving way. Let's stop treating others like shadows that have no emotion; or like random servants whom we expect to do things for us, while we do nothing in return. Let's begin to treat one another like human beings who have feelings and desire to be loved just like we do. By doing this, we can all obtain that which we desire most; and that is love and appreciation.


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