Thursday, March 24, 2016


    This Sunday, March 27th, will be Easter Sunday. Many will celebrate this special day, and yet many others will not. But if we really think about the message of this day, we will see that it applies to us all! In metaphysics, the Bible is taken in a more metaphorical way; hence the stories that it contains refer to the higher, spiritual being within each of us. There is a part of us all that is spirit, and is connected to the Divine; and that part of us is what the Christ represents. This spiritual part of us is sometimes buried beneath the cares and illusions of this materiel world; hence it is, encased within a tomb. But we can strengthen that part of us through meditation, daily reflection and listening to its still small voice within. It will then, over time, get stronger and begin to dominate our thinking; it has then, risen from the tomb and is liberated with new life! At that point, we are led more by our higher selves and are no longer so encumbered by the trappings of the lower energies of the material world. So no matter what your religion or spiritual path, begin to let your higher/spiritual self rise from the tomb this Easter season... that is something that pertains to us all!


  1. Great post! And that's an interesting way of looking at it.