Wednesday, January 6, 2016


   If you are finding yourself in a challenging relationship at the start of this new year, it is time to start paving the road to more peace of mind. Most often in challenging relationships, there is one person who cares too much and another who doesn't care on the same high-level. The person who cares less, is generally the one who tries to control the relationship. They may go through mood swings, periods of insulting or using cruel words. They may throw tantrums when they do not get their way and a host of other problematic attitudes. They may be snuggly and loving one minute, and vicious or unpredictable the next. They do this in order to maintain some kind of control within the relationship. These kinds of people often blur the lines between love and possession of another human being. The greatest thing that you can do for yourself in this kind of relationship, is to not play the part that you were expected to play. When the person is vicious, don't be vicious back. When they are cruel and distant, don't beg them for their affections. Take your power back, begin to respect yourself more. 

    You are an expression of the Divine Spirit in material form, you have every right to be respected and loved in a way that is worthy of you. You don't have to get down in the trenches and fight or grovel for someone's love and approval. Once you stop playing the game, and acting out the role that you're expected to play in their show... you will begin to see very noticeable changes. The person will either begin to seek you out, and want more of your attention; or the relationship will just fade away making room for a new romantic interest that will treat you in the way that you desire to be treated. You are not someone's puppet or punching bag, nor are you a game piece that they can move on the board of life at their whim and will. You are a powerful and worthy individual, and you have the power to take your life back and restore order in your universe. Don't play someone else's game, create your own rules and live by them.

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