Monday, January 11, 2016


    Many people believe that the universe is trying to teach them something when negative circumstances keep piling up in their lives. There are spiritual teachers who subscribe to this theory and put it out in mass through seminars and the written word. But is there any truth to this particular philosophy? The truth is, sometimes we as human beings, can be quite stubborn and not see the consequences of our actions right in front of us. We insist upon our own way and believe that we have it all figured out with our limited perceptions and ways of thinking. In such cases, the universe may allow us to trip over our own feet and take a few knocks and bruises in order to get us back on the right track. And yes, sometimes a very negative and impossible person will show up on our life's path to help us mature and grow as spiritual beings. But this doesn't mean that every time you encounter a challenging person or circumstance, that the universe is making it happen to you. 

    Sadly, there are just some people in our world who do not live according to the universal laws of love and peace. Respect for others is a dying character trait in our modern world. Some people are just making the wrong choices for themselves and may be taking a few bumps in their journey through life. Maybe you were put in their path to show them how to be more decent, honest or caring. Or maybe they have just blundered into your life and are trying to pull you down with their nonsense. Either way, you do not have to attach yourself to such individuals. And you do not have to feel that the universe is punishing you or trying to make your life hard. Sometimes, in this flawed material world that we live in, things just happen. We run across negative people, friends betray, lovers are unfaithful or illness strikes. I believe much of this can be avoided by protecting ourselves spiritually with prayer, meditation and other practices. But still in all, sometimes things just happen. This is a temporary world filled with temporary things that will get old and pass away. Most people make decisions based on what everyone else is thinking or doing, and that is not always a good or positive thing. 

    You cannot control what other people do. But you can control your own life and keep yourself shielded from this kind of disruptive energy as much as possible. But do not think that the universe is using you as a doormat when challenging or negative circumstances come into your life. This is just not the case, and the universe does not work that way. It is not out to get you, or to make your life a living hell so it can force you to grow in some way that may be unknown to you. The universe is a very peaceful and loving place, it is a place of perfect balance and order. And given the chance, it will bring that order into your existence and restore peace to your daily living. So when the going gets tough, as it sometimes does for all of us, don't make yourself feel worse by thinking that the universe is against you as well... it is not, it cannot be. But it will support you and help you to find the light one way or another.