Monday, January 18, 2016


    What does any person think they will gain by following after the ways of war, greed, hatred and evil? The corrupt rich man will say that he did all that he did in life, to leave behind a legacy and provide for his family. The liar will say that they told untruths because the hearer of his words were not able to handle the truth; or he got some kind of emotional charge out of manipulating others. But what about the souls of these individuals? Most of them do not even consider a life beyond the grave, or they think it is just a myth. But what if they are wrong? And millions of millions of near-death experiences recorded over the centuries do tell us that they are wrong. So what happens to the soul after death when one lives a spurious lifestyle? Do they come back to the earth and suffer through countless lifetimes until they finally get it right? Do they go to some lower spiritual realm that is dark and gloomy until they sort themselves out? The theories are many; and mostly all of the worlds religions tell us that the righteous go to a place of peace, but the unrighteous do not reap the same reward. All of the near death experience accounts tell us that there is a life review once we step across the threshold from this life to the next. Let us all strive to make that review a good one, and to go to the place of peace and rest after our labor here is through.


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