Thursday, January 14, 2016


    If there is such a being as God, would he make it hard for people to know about him? Would he make just one way for all the various people's of the earth to come to him; and if they didn't find that way, would he punish them? When we think of the concept of the Divine, we often think of such words as, all knowing, wise, love, perfect and many more. Could and would a being of infinite wisdom and love stack the deck against humanity by making the way too narrow? And if God is in control of all things, wouldn't he be purposely condemning some people by having them predestined to be born into a culture that has a completely different religious system than the "one" that is supposed to be correct? That Just wouldn't make good sense, or be fair.

    But thank goodness this is not the case. The fact that people are spiritual at all is the proof that something greater than ourselves is out there. Humanity has had ceremonies, rituals and offered up prayers to the Divine since the dawn of time. Whether it was God, Goddess, the sun or moon... people have always believed in Spirit; and those many diverse practices still go on to this day. And we should respect those practices and the people who participate in them. After all, aren't we all striving for the same thing in the end? And aren't most of these practices based on love and doing good to our fellow man and woman? The world is filled with various forms of spiritual beliefs... and we should be grateful that the Divine has stirred the hearts of so many to seek out the infinite!

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