Tuesday, January 19, 2016


    So many people want to experience the supernatural and the paranormal. They seek out mediums, haunted houses and the like; but these are not the only ways to experience something spiritual. If you really want to tune in to something beautiful, sit outside or near a window in your home. Just close your eyes, and expand your consciousness by means of visualization beyond yourself. Feel yourself being one with the trees, the grass, the rocks, the sky, the room that you are in and all things in your surroundings. Next, feel yourself merging with the very cosmos itself. Then allow your consciousness to be projected into the other dimensions and into the presence of angels, God, goddess and all benign spirits. Just be, and let them surround you with their presents. You need not say any prayers or have any forced mental activity during this session. Simply be one with everything, and in the presence of the All. You may notice what is taking place in the back of your mind at that time is quite unusual and wonderful; almost as if someone is downloading information into your mind or speaking to you. Once you do this meditation a few times, you'll begin to sense the spiritual frequencies and even glimpse the spiritual energies in your every day waking conscious state. Some people have had very visual and personal experiences using this technique. Some have even had spiritual visitations. Of course, if this kind of thing is a bit creepy for you, you can always ask spirit to communicate with you in more subtle ways. The good spirits are not out to frighten you or do anything against your will. They will respect your boundaries and work with you as an equal partner. This is perhaps one of the best ways I have found to tap into the unseen world around us, and commune with Spirit.

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