Monday, November 23, 2015


    We often hear people talk about the will of God. Some always question what it is, while others have no hesitation in telling us what they think it is. There is one thing I have noticed over the years, and that is, that the will of God generally runs contrary to what popular belief and trends are in our world. Most of the time, when I have seen political leaders or the media all pushing society to go in one direction, that direction turns out to be not so good. And it's the same with religious leaders, the things they often tell their followers to do or believe often end up in heartbreak, confusion or a shattered faith. Most of the religious traditions in our world actually tell us that God's will and God's ways are different and higher than those of the world we are currently living in.

    Often, when you see the majority all clamoring about what they think we should all do, or what they think is right, it doesn't turn out to be such good advice in the end. The will of God, is generally in the complete opposite direction. That doesn't mean we need to be rebels and naysayers all the time; it just means we should use good sense, think things through, pray and meditate. Commune with the presence of the Divine in the way that is natural and comfortable for us. During that time, how do we feel? Is there something in our own intuition that is telling us that the majority rule is off the mark? This is the still small voice that many religions speak of. It is the voice of God speaking to us and guiding us on the right path. And again, that right path is many times in the opposite direction than the masses are going. How many times have we seen the mass populace follow the noise and clamour of those in charge, and then regret it later on? Those who speak the loudest or say they know best are not always taking us down the path that leads to peace and prosperity.

    I believe this is why the Buddha told us to question everything. And the Bible tells us in 1 Thessalonians 4:21 to test all things and hold fast to what is good... When at the crossroads, think, observe and pray.

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