Tuesday, November 17, 2015


     The old saying goes, that no man is an island. But if you think about it, that is not entirely correct. We all have a personal responsibility for ourselves, and we are the rulers of our own lives. Just as there are individual, sovereign countries in our world, each of us is the ruler of our own personal kingdom. That kingdom is our own mind and our own soul. We choose what kind of thoughts we will let in through our borders. We make the decision on what kind of people will be our allies in this life. We make the decisions, they are not made for us. Therefore I say, be an island unto yourself. Don't be like many others, who live their lives at the whims and words of the media. Don't let politicians or hypocritical religious leaders tell you how to act, think, speak or vote. Be yourself, be who you are. If you're not being your authentic self and living to your true full potential, then someone else will do it for you. And then you are not an island or a sovereign nation but rather a vassal state under the control of someone else's rule. The choice is yours, which one will you be?

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