Monday, November 30, 2015


    With Christmas just around the corner, we are sure to hear many voices rise up and mock those who celebrate what they call the mythical Jesus. Billboards will appear on major highways and articles a plenty will materialize on the internet telling the world that Jesus never existed. But take heart, for the truth of the matter is, that the new atheist movement shouts loudly but only tells less than half of the story. These individuals speak about education and evidence, but their research is shoddy, and sadly, amateurish at best. The truth is, no real scholar or historian takes them seriously, and their outspoken opinions are in the minority; in fact, they are considered a small fringe group. Remember, he who speaks the loudest is not always the one who is correct.

    Below, is an article that addresses some of the new atheists favorite arguments for those who wish to read it. And with a little research, you can find many more articles written by academics, scholars and historians that dismantle the claims of those who say they have all the facts, but are in actuality, just screaming their personal opinions from the rooftops. Being biased and collecting snippets of information that seem to support your argument is not honest research; it is arrogant and sports the kind of lack of intelligence and closed mindedness that the new atheists claim that all religious and spiritual people are guilty of.

    My advice to all of you on this matter is, don't believe everything you hear just because a few people are shoving it down everyone's throats. And don't believe it just because there are many people who cannot think for themselves, and except what is being shoved down their throats as the truth. Think for yourself, take the time to do your own research, and look at both sides of the story. Because most of the time, such as with the new atheism, you will find information that throws a serious and damaging curveball into the wheel of those trendy and controversial claims and arguments.

  * Please note, this blog and article is in no way a campaign to smear the beliefs of any person or atheistic group. I believe that every human being has a right to their opinion and no one should down them or condemn them for it. This article is only intended to address the arguments of those individuals who make it a point each holiday season, and beyond, to ridicule and judge others with any religious or spiritual beliefs. Many have had their personal faith damaged by the frivolous and boisterous claims of these individuals. This blog and article is to only show a small tip of the iceberg, that there is information and many honest, logical, historical, and scientific facts that greatly dispute these anti-religious claims.

Did Jesus Exist? Searching for Evidence Beyond the Bible (Article)


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