Monday, May 4, 2015


    A ways back a wrote a blog about the great lost art loyalty in our modern world. As I reflect back on that post and observe what's happening in the media lately, one thing has become very clear; and that is the decline of morality in our societies today. Is it any wonder that friendships, marriages and other relationships don't last. We live in a world where spirituality has either been abandoned or individuals follow a fickle god that has been made in their own image. Just notice in the news how many people are running off to join groups who wage "holy wars," and kill in the name of their man-made deity. That which is supposed to teach us peace, faith and love of others has become an animalistic philosophy that tells man that he can do whatever his base instincts tell him to. Thus, many people see no harm in hurting others or even abandoning them on a whim.

    I spoke to several individuals some months back who claimed that there was no such thing as good or evil. They believed such labels were just ideas that people put on certain actions or deeds. These people went so far as to tell me that if they murdered a man in cold blood, that it would not be wrong or sinful to do. They believed that by killing him they would actually be doing him a favor because they would be setting him free from the earthly illusion. In doing so, they believed that they would be free from all wrong doing because they did not actually kill the man, only his physical body which is not actually real! Believe it of not, this story is true... and the scary thing is that this kind of mindset is growing in popularity among many. And so, if some folks cannot even hold onto common sense and reasonable morals, how can we expect them to possess kindness and loyalty? After all, will not any person rise to the mentality of their god or lack thereof and try to mimic it in some fashion?

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