Tuesday, April 28, 2015


SPRING - The time of rebirth, new life and new beginnings. Also the time to plant new seed and prepare for the harvest.

SUMMER - A season of strength, youthful energy, play and hard work as we nurture the new seeds we have planted.

AUTUMN - The season of celebration, preparation and reaping what we have sown. The golden years of life

WINTER - The season of sleep, slumber and the passing away of the old. A time of death that leads  to rebirth somewhere in the eternal mystery. The time when we reap the rewards of our life's harvest.

    No matter which season we are in right now, all of us are progressing towards that ultimate winter. It is there, that we will either advance into the higher spiritual realms or be stunted by the choices we made in our lives here on earth. May all the seeds we plant, and the work we do be of positivity, love and light. For then, our final harvest will be truly bountiful.

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