Tuesday, May 5, 2015


    Are we really that blind that we will stand by an individual, or vote for him or her, no matter how corrupt they are... just because they belong to a certain political party? The time for being brainwashed and following the pied piper like sheep to the slaughter must come to an end. Think for yourself, take an honest look at the facts and hold your elected officials accountable for their actions. Do you want them to bankrupt your country, dictate what religion you must be and have secret agendas that use billions of your tax dollars? Do want your leaders to build bigger bombs and allow families to starve while they throw uncounted millions away on pet projects? Most people will wait until it is too late, and the lid of the coffin is closing, then they will riot in the streets and cause more harm than good. Rioting and destruction of property is not the answer... using the brain and intelligence that God/Goddess gave us NOW is!

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