Monday, April 27, 2015


    There are so many complaints today about not being responsible: No one ever returns important phone calls, scheduled appointments never show up, the fax never gets sent and even close friends leave us hanging when we need them most. It seems many people want the instant gratification of others fulfilling their personal needs NOW, but they are not willing to do the same for others. It may sound harsh to say, but our societies have become shallow and selfish. No one seems to really care that much about how anyone else feels or what impact their negative actions have on others. Most people pay more attention to their Smart Phones and other gadgets than they do those around them. I personally believe that this is because we have lost the value of personal responsibility. After all, morality has fallen to a very low point in recent years; we scoff at the idea of God/Goddess and think we can do whatever we want without any spiritual or karmic repercussions. So what difference does it make then, if we treat others poorly or become so self absorbed that we would bypass a dying man on the street and not turn our gaze for nano-second in his direction to try and assist him?

     It used to be said that it is the little things we do for others that count the most. But now, the little things are mostly forgotten and hardly anyone is willing to go out on a limb for anybody else. Personal responsibility, it is something we all need to get back to. If planet earth is a school where souls come to learn the lessons of selflessness and love, then sadly, most people are failing the course miserably! Maybe it's time that we all stop the nonsense and try a little harder to get some A's on our universal report card. Just think what life on earth will become if we don't!

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