Monday, December 1, 2014


   The person who says that there is no God, and claims that science has all the answers is speaking from a very foolish platform. This would be like a man claiming that there is no such thing as a cold virus, and yet he has a cold. He rejects something just because he cannot see it and does not understand the science of micro organisms. The world we live in is but one tiny speck in an infinite universe, and yet the unexplained mysteries that exist here are numerous. Now, if we think of all the mysteries contained in the cosmos far beyond what we can see; it becomes very apparent that it is extremely arrogant for man to claim that he knows all the answers.

    Who then is living in a fantasy of their own making, the person who believes or considers that there is something greater than us beyond this life? Or the person who scoffs at such ideas and is egocentric enough to claim that he or she knows the ultimate truth for us all. After all, the person of faith is actually thinking very scientifically by looking beyond his limited existence and hypothesizing that there is something more than what he sees. But the nonbeliever claims that he has all the answers, based on limited information and refusing to take an honest look at evidences they could possibly upset his viewpoint. So, the next time you encounter someone who says you worship a Santa Claus in the sky or the tooth fairy, know that they have created a Santa Claus of their own. They have done this by neatly wrapping their pet ideas in shiny paper and refusing to consider that there might be more gifts under the tree that they know not of.

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