Tuesday, December 2, 2014


    It's that time of the year when we can see a mixed bag of emotions and reactions from people on the streets and on the Internet. Some people are very happy and cheerful, excited at the prospect of the holiday that is to come. Others are sad, gloomy and mutter derogatory statements about the season we are in. Many people get a case of the humbugs this time of year because they sadly misinterpret what Christmas is all about. For some, this is a time to worry about their finances and bemoan the fact that they may not be able to put as many gifts under the tree as they would like. For others, it is a time to visit the ghosts of Christmas past and mourn for the good old days and those dear to them who have passed on. All of this is a poor way to interpret the Christmas season. What this time of year truly stands for is our own spirituality and our personal relationship with the divine. These are the things we should focus on at Christmas time and give ourselves the ultimate gifts of peace, faith and a higher consciousness. If these are the main things that you choose to concentrate on during the Yuletide season, you will never have a blue Christmas again.

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