Wednesday, November 26, 2014


    It is time for the people of America and all across the world to wake up. We have been seeing a lot of issues in the news lately that deal with racism. The political leaders and media have used this tool to divide the people in our nation, and the nations of the world for far too long. Those who want to control know that the easiest way to do this is to divide the people. The more divided we are, the weaker we are. Where there is no unity, there is no strength; and where there is no strength those who have an immoral agenda will find no resistance in having their way. How easy it has become to get our attention away from the greedy politicians and dishonest rulers, and get us to fight amongst ourselves because of skin color, creed and nationality.

     God has created all men and women equal. We are all spiritual beings no matter what our physical bodies look like. We need to stop allowing the secular powers that be to destroy us from within by turning against one another. It was Jesus Christ who said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. If we continue along the path we are currently on our societies will surely collapse. We will destroy one another, giving those who consider themselves the elite the desire of their hearts; and that is to amass all of the wealth for themselves and control every aspect of the lives of those whom they rule over. While we fight amongst ourselves, our rights are slowly being taken away. Money and power are being greatly abused... and yet we would rather protest, fight with and hate our neighbor because his skin color is different than ours. It is time to wake up and if we do not, a very rude awakening will fall upon us all when we least expect it. Anything that divides, weakens, conquers and ultimately destroys. When the media and the government can tell us how to think, and cause us to riot in the streets, burn down and vandalize our neighbors property and place of business; then we have begun to walk down the road that will lead to our ultimate destruction.

     Divide and conquer! Remember that old battle cry? Take a look around you and notice what is taking place. We are all divided on every front... Political parties divide us, race divides us, religious and spiritual belief divide us, sexuality divides us, whether we are rich or poor divides us! Do you see how fractured we have become as a people? And when we live this way, whose code of conduct are we living by anyway; God's or some delusional greedy man's? It's time to awaken from our slumber and stop the madness...

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