Tuesday, April 22, 2014


    Today we'll talk about the notion that some people have that a psychic should be able to tell you why you came to them for a reading.  Many individuals consider it a bad reading if they have to utter a peep about why they came to a psychic in the first place... but can a psychic tell you why you came to them without you saying a word?

    Again, this can happen and if a particular psychic reads the cards, the cards will eventually touch on the main issue at hand. But I have to repeat once again, psychic are not super heroes or gods; they are mostly people with a heightened sense of intuition. Imagine if a friend of yours walked into your home and asked you point blank, "so what's the answer to my problem?" You simply ask, "what problem are you having?" Your friend looks at you with annoyance and says, "you're not a real friend, your a fraud! You should know what my problem is without me having to say a word!" Think about it, you would probably think the person was a little off their rocker... And yet this is a situation most psychics face every day at least once or twice.

    In reality, a psychic reading is an energetic exchange between two people. The more open and honest you are, the more the psychic will be able to connect with you and see deeper into how your situation will play out. This does not mean that you have to walk into a psychic's office and spill your guts about every detail... but be polite, open and ready to communicate on a person to person basis. If you are smug, doubtful and prepared to play guessing games all day; chances are that the psychic will not be able to connect with you very well, or at all, and the reading will suffer greatly. Remember, a psychic reading is a two way street of giving and receiving. What logical person would walk into their doctor's office and expect him to diagnose them without being willing to tell him/her their symptoms? The principle is pretty much the same when you go to visit a psychic.

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