Monday, April 21, 2014


    This week we are going to delve into the truth about psychic readings and what they entail. So many people have strange and Hollywood inspired ideas about what a psychic is and what they can do... So let's unmask some of these myths and see what a psychic really is and what their capable of doing and not doing. Today, we will start with the timeline: Can a psychic really tell you the exact date when something will happen?   

    Many people believe that psychics are superheros. They truly believe that when they go for a reading that the psychic can see through time and space, and tell them the exact day when an event will occur. In all honesty, this can happen at times but for the most part, timelines are nothing more than guess work and fluff to make a client feel better at the moment. This is why so many psychics get in trouble or clients lose faith in psychic readings because the timeline fails to manifest, and this can have disastrous effects on both the psychic and the one who is seeking help through a reading. The truth of the matter is; most psychics can tell you what the outcome of a situation will be... but to tell you (WHEN) is something that an honest and ethical psychic will not venture into.

     I have seen some very talented psychics start jumping into timelines with clients, and it begins to hurt their business and reputation; because although the information they give is ultimately accurate, the timeline often fails more times than not. All of us want to know when relief is in sight when we're going through a rough time. But to ask a psychic to pinpoint exactly when the clouds will pass and the sun will shine again can do more harm than good. Isn't it better to know that happier times are coming and the challenging situation will end soon... rather than get some bogus time frame that falls through and then makes you feel even worse? Failed time frames can cause a person to lose hope and feel that their is no help in sight, after all, the psychic was wrong so what's the use? It is far better to let the psychic tell you what they see over the horizon for you and to have confidence in that, then to push the limits of reality and shipwreck your own faith by asking a human being to be God. A good psychic can tell you what, where, how and even if the outcome is soon or there is going to be a waiting period... but only the Divine knows exactly when.

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