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    Another myth that is common when it comes to psychics is that all psychics operate the same way. The question is often asked by people, "what do you see for me?" The more abrasive person who may not like the way a reading is going may grumble, "you're not psychic at all, I don't think you see anything!" And of course, they would be right, not all psychics "see" things. There are a wide range of gifts that psychic may possess and different ways in which they get their information, which are:

Clairvoyance - This is the gift of "clear seeing" and is the one that most people are familiar with. Someone who is clairvoyant sees pictures, images, visions etc and are the psychics who literally see into the circumstances of your life.

Clairaudience - This is the gift of "clear hearing." Someone who is clairaudient does not see visions or images, but rather hears the information during a reading via an inner voice, spirit guides, angelic beings and so forth.

Clairsentience - This is the gift of "clear feeling." The clairsentient neither sees or hears their information when doing a reading, but rather senses it through an inner knowing or strong intuition.

Mediums - Mediums generally employ the help of spirits in their readings.

Diviners and Fortune tellers - Diviners and fortune tellers generally posses one of the other psychic gifts to some degree, but mostly rely on such things as Tarot cards, Runes etc to obtain their psychic information.

Aura readers - Aura readers have the ability to see the human energy field and do their readings based on the colors of your aura.

Intuits - Intuits are just that, people with incredibly strong and keen intuition. When an intuit does a reading, they generally get strong feelings about situations in your life and have a "knowing" about how things will turn out.

    The list could go on and on of the various abilities that psychics have, and some psychics posses more that one of these gifts. But not all psychics read the same way. In the future, it might be a good idea to talk to your psychic about what gifts they possess and get a full understanding about how they read. This will enhance the reading experience for both you and the psychic.

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