Thursday, April 24, 2014


    As we learned earlier this week, a psychic reading is an energetic exchange between two people. If you have a real need, are personable, friendly and open; a psychic will have no trouble connecting with you and giving you a meaningful reading. But if you are just a curiosity seeker, someone looking to prove a point or smug and doubtful, a psychic will sense this and not be able to access your energy. It is like inviting a friend over but keeping the front door locked once they arrive. Your friend may knock and knock but if you expect them to prove their friendship by walking through solid walls and stand in the middle of your living room... it will just not happen. I have always found that when someone with a legitimate need comes to me for a reading, everything goes extremely well and the reading is awesome. But if someone comes in just for giggles or tries to set me up to fail, (and this does happen believe it or not,) the reading is stiff and labored; almost like pushing through a dense wall. A psychic reading is very much a two way street, you get out of it just what you put into it... and isn't that how most things in the universe work anyway?

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