Tuesday, December 3, 2013


(Sometimes the blog just has to be light and humorous!)
    Christmas time is near again. And in just a few weeks many children in the world will be hanging their stockings and leaving sweet treats near the Xmas tree for Santa. One wonders if perhaps on a subconscious level, these treats are thought to entice Santa down our chimney and bribe him to leave gifts in exchange?

But now what aliens and alien abductions? Aren't aliens a little like Santa? They creep into our house at night when we're sleeping and.... well, you know? They fly through the night sky in some mystical craft that appear and disappear almost at will... And they can cover some serious ground in a short amount of time.

I have heard people say that they want to be abducted and others fear the experience. But what if we used this festive time of year to take the scare out of the abduction experience or even encourage one to take place?

What if we left cookies and milk out for our other worldly visitors? Maybe hung a stocking and decorated a tree with little light up UFO's? Maybe we could even leave an "abduction list" by the fireplace asking the aliens to swoop in and visit us during the night? What if we welcomed them into our home by leaving the chimney open and doors and windows unlocked? Then they wouldn't have to walk through the wall.

Think about it; what would the aliens do if they popped in and saw cookies and milk waiting for them; decorated trees and request lists of what we want from our abduction experience? What if instead of huddling in the covers in fear, they saw us sleeping with a giant candy cane in our grasp, smiling away?

Imagine their surprise if we left a little Christmas card on our nightstand thanking them for stopping by and tucking a five dollar bill inside as an offer of good faith. Sure, they probably have no use for our money, but maybe in another solar system it's a collectable!

Does this idea make you want to snuggle down for a long winter's nap, with visions of UFO's dancing in your head? Or does it make you even fear that St. Nick could be up to no good? After all, we don't even really know the guy!   
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