Wednesday, December 4, 2013


    We have all made bad decisions in the past, trusted the wrong person or even made a fool of ourselves... but we learn from these things. Life is a school, and we're all here to mature and grow spiritually. There's no need to ever look back in regret or beat yourself up over some  mistake you have made. You may feel bad or like a jerk over something you said or did... good... that means you learned something and will not repeat that pattern. Now the trick is to go forward and be the wiser person you are today, not carrying the burden of yesterday's failures.        
Photo: Loose the guilt of your past and past mistakes whether it is deserved ( all ready done anyway) or imagined,  to have any type of positive life you need to lose this guilt becasue it will eventually weaken your immune system and make your physical body susceptible to illness or disease, unless it all ready has. if it has still need to lose the guilt of the pass so you can heal or the illness will not get worse. also this guilt (i call psychic debris) eventually keeps your frozen in the past and present...abide by the quote...if you have a problem doing this contact me........ of course if you do not have any guilt you are blessed and one of the few....      steve
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