Wednesday, May 1, 2013


    A great way to release energy for manifestation is through candle magic. This is a simple process that anyone can do at any time. The first thing you need to do is purchase a small votive candle, white is best. Other tools you will need are a pin or small knife and some olive oil. To do this process, you simply sit with the candle and think about what you want; then with the image firmly in your mind you are going to carve a symbol that represents your desire into the candle. For example, if its money you want, you might carve a dollar sign. If it's romance you desire, you might carve a heart or for health purposes the Caduceus. You could also use runes or any other mystical symbols that you might be familiar with. The next step in the process is to anoint the candle with the olive oil. And remember to keep concentrating on what it is you want to manifest while anointing the candle as well. The candle is now prepared and you are ready to do your work.

    To perform the candle magic ritual, you will light the candle and then do one of the following: You can say a prayer, simply ask the universe for what you want, chant or just state what you want in confidence that it will come. You can even write your own magical chant or decree to read during the ritual or find one that you like in a book. After you have prayed, decreed or chanted, you will simply sit in silence for a few moments and meditate on what it is you desire... when you are finished with this, simply thank the universe for fulfilling your desires and blow out the candle. Do this ritual daily until the candle is burned out and then just discard the stub. Or you can do the ritual for a set number of day, say three to five days. And then on the final day of the ritual just leave the candle lit and let it burn out. This is simple candle magic... and it does work.




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