Thursday, May 2, 2013


    I thought today we would do some more fortune telling with the playing cards. Today's card is the Joker: The Joker is the equivalent to the fool in the Tarot; it represents the incarnated soul on its journey through the material world. What this card is saying today is that you should have the courage to pursue your dreams. The Universe supports you and you are here for a reason, so turn your back on your fears and abandon yourself to the magnetic pull of your greatest bliss. Your heart is your compass and your desires are the blueprint for your purpose. But as much as you are free to pursue your dreams in this world, also remember that you are a spiritual being. So remember to take time to commune with the Divine Source in the way that empowers you. The Joker's message for the day is that you are empowered to accomplish your goals or begin to better your life through the pursuit of your greatest dream. Spirit is with you and your chances for success are high.


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