Tuesday, April 30, 2013


    When it comes to the Tarot, many people are a bit unnerved when the Death card shows up in a spread. And some individuals will completely avoid Tarot cards in fear that the card of death will show up and cut their lives short. But these fears are completely unwarranted. The death card generally does not depict an actual physical death. In 99.9 percent of the cases, the death card means that change is coming, putting away the old and making room for the new. It can mean the death of a relationship or job that no longer serves you. It can mean that there is a destructive or negative habit or attitude within yourself that has to be done away with or put to death.. There are many such ways in which we can interpret the Death card that does not mean a physical death is going to occur. The only way in which the Death card can depict an actual death is if someone were getting a reading on their gravely ill relative or friend who had already been diagnosed by their doctor as terminal. Then the cards could certainly pick up on what the medical community already knows and discussed with the family; or in some cases, the cards may show what the doctor is about to tell the family about their loved ones condition after a battery of tests. The Tarot is not a medical tool, nor does it bring death and doom. It is a tool that is best used in areas of life that promote spiritual and personal growth.

    So as you can now see, the rider who is death in the Tarot is not the Grim Reaper or the bringer of bad tidings. He is simply a messenger of change.


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