Monday, April 29, 2013


    When it comes to the Tarot, many people have a lot of reservations and even fears. They imagine old women sitting at a table with a crystal ball predicting doom, death and despair for their unfortunate client. Others believe the Tarot to be some kind of satanic, fortune telling tool that goes against the will of God and brings demons to your door. The list could go on I'm sure of the suspicions and fears many have about the Tarot. But the truth is, the Tarot is none of these things. Tarot cards are less of a fortune telling tool and more of a guidance system. Their rich imagery tells a story and that story is the tale of each of our lives. The Tarot does stimulate the intuition of the psychic and therefore does give greater insight into current events and even glimpses what the outcome may be. But more importantly, it offers guidance and steps that we can take to improve our lives, avoid pitfalls and help us make better decisions. The Tarot is a well rounded tool that gives us insight and brings light into the darkness. It is not a satanic oracle that eclipses the light with its gloom and evil. "But what about that Death Card?" You may ask. Well, we'll talk more about that very feared card on tomorrow's blog.


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