Friday, February 22, 2013


    Please welcome back to the blog today, Mr. Devin Graves...

Paul: This is the final interview with Devin today, and I would personally like to thank him for being here with us on the blog all week long. Thank you Devin for taking the time to do this.

Devin: You're quite welcome, and thank you for inviting me to be here.

Paul: So Devin, we have been talking about ghosts and spirituality the last few days. In our final interview in these sessions, would you share with us what some of your personal spiritual practices are?

Devin: Sure, I would be happy to. I'm a big fan of those little daily devotional things. I like it when they have a really thought provoking quote or message each day. So I read one or two of those, say a prayer or maybe read a prayer out of this collection of Zen prayers that I have. Then usually I will read a passage from the Bible or the Buddhist scriptures. I usually meditate every evening after dinner for about twenty minutes and just still the mind and feel at one with the Universe. And some days I take a little time to practice my spirit communication skills; I really am into the whole spiritualist thing. So, you know, I have a variety of things that I do. Sometimes I read runes or some other oracle and just meditate on the messages that I get, it's all very interesting and it brings peace and stability to my life.

Paul: And these are things you do every day?

Devin: Oh yes, for many years now. I feel like the day is unbalanced if I don't recharge myself with at least some sort of spiritual activity.

Paul: Any chance that you might right a spiritual/metaphysical book one day?

Devin: I have thought about it, we'll just have to wait and see where the road leads. I'm certainly not opposed to the idea. Although I do think that certain messages can come out through fictional writing and poetry as well.

Paul: It certainly can and many fiction writers do sprinkle in the spiritual themes in their work.

Devin: Most writers are very spiritual people by nature; they're very cool people all around.

Paul: I agree... Well Devin, this concludes our blog interview. It was really great having you here this week. I hope that we can do this again sometime. Maybe when your book comes out?

Devin: I would love to; this was really great. And maybe you can pop on over to my blog one day and say a word or two.

Paul: Just say the word and I'll be there. And also in closing I want to thank everybody for reading the blog this week and for visiting Devin's blog as well. Where would we be without the readers. Thank you all.

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