Wednesday, February 20, 2013


    Please welcome back to the blog today Mr. Devin Graves. He's a busy man these days and I appreciate him stopping over for the chat.

Paul: Welcome back Devin, thanks for coming back today.

Devin: Hey, it's my pleasure, really.

Paul: So yesterday we talked about your up coming book; Equinox Of The Dead. Do you have any other projects that your working on for the future?

Devin: Oh sure, I'm always working on something. Right now I'm working on another zombie story anthology and also a book of dark poetry called, Dusk Over Despair. It's real melancholy and heavy kind of stuff.

Paul: Any chance we'll be seeing some zombies in the poetry.

Devin: Now that you mention it, I think I'll have to work that in LOL.

Paul: As you know, my blog deals with mostly spiritual material. Most folks who read it are pretty spiritual themselves.. So can you tell us, do you have any spiritual views, and if you do, would you mind sharing them with us?

Devin: Absolutely, I'm quite spiritual myself. I am very interested in the Spiritualist and Buddhist faiths as well as metaphysics. I believe in a higher power, angels and all that. I take time each day to pray and meditate and practice my own little traditions and rituals. I think the thing that really got me into spirituality and even horror movies was when I was a kid I saw some actual ghosts. I mean, I just saw some things in life that can't be explained and it just starts the mind going you know? There's definately something out there and I find it deeply fascinating. I may even right a book one day about the odd things I've seen in my life; there's really just a lot of weird things.

Paul: I hope you write that book one day.

Devin: It's a good possibility that I just might.

Paul: Well Devin, thanks for coming on the blog again today. It's really an honor to have you here man.

Devin: It's an honor to be here, this is really great.

We will talk more to Devin about ghosts and spirituality tomorrow. Please do drop by and join us again. And also visit Devin's blog at the link below!


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